Audi Brussels

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The European capital is the ideal production site for the smallest member of the Audi family: in 2015, Audi Brussels produced 116.216 Audi A1 Models. The Brussels site is remarkable for its highly-qualified staff and their many years of experience. The outstanding transport connections of the factory – orbital motorway and direct rail connection – enable optimal logistics arrangements.


The start of production of the Audi A1, as a three and five-door model in 2010 and 2011, represented the beginning of a new era. In the 60-year history of the factory, the Audi A1 is the first model that has been produced exclusively in the European capital. This means that Audi Brussels has taken on an important role as a production site within the Audi Group. The Audi A1 quattro was added in 2012 as a special, limited-edition model and at the beginning of 2014, the high horsepower Audi S1 joined the A1 family in the three and five-door versions.
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Up to the present, AUDI AG has invested over €600 million in plant, equipment and infrastructure. Further investments are planned for the coming years.

In 2015, around 15,000 visitors witnessed the production of the A1 family "up close and personal" in the European capital. If you would like to take part in a factory tour, you can obtain further information here.