Corporate Responsibility

Strategy of AUDI AG

Living out our responsibilities has long been part of Audi’s  principles. For the Four Rings’ brand , corporate responsibility means keeping the consequences in view when taking every decision. Audi works sustainably – to be a good employer in the long term, to stay competitive, to fill its clients with enthusiasm, to protect the environment and to safeguard for subsequent generations a future worth living. This is how our watch word "Vorsprung durch Technik" (“advancement through technology”) enters a new dimension, going far beyond the products themselves. Our ultimate aim is CO2-neutral mobility.

Audi has defined its corporate responsibility strategy in five core themes for implementing the mission of corporate responsibility:

• Product responsibility
• Environmental protection
• Responsibility to employees
• Responsibility to society
• Responsible operations

The goals, projects and measures for these core themes are documented in the Audi Corporate Responsibility Report, where the degree of completion is indicated. In future, a report will be made annually with regard to progress, and the Corporate Responsibility Report itself will appear in a two-year cycle.

The over-arching goal is: all decisions within the corporation should be made under consideration of their economic, ecological and social aspects. Orientation will be provided by internal guidelines and codes, such as the Audi Code of Conduct, the Compliance Guidelines from the Audi Board of Directors, and numerous works agreements.

In February 2012, AUDI AG entered into the UN Global Compact as an individual enterprise. The corporation considers itself to be bound by the General Declaration of Human Rights, the Principals of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), and the OECD, the Principles of the Declaration on Environment and Development made in Rio, as well as the UN Convention Against Corruption, and behaves accordingly.


In 2012, the Audi Group entered for the renowned oekom Research Rating and the company was awarded "Corporate Responsibility Prime Status" for its above-average commitment to social and environmental sustainability. The insights gained from the sustainability rating are fed back into the guidelines and activities for strengthening corporate responsibility.