Patrick Danau keynote-speaker at VOKA

Managing Director Patrick Danau spoke to 200 guests at the Flemish Chamber of Commerce “Voka” about the future of urban mobility. Invited by “Voka Metropolitan”, Danau provided valuable insights on mobility and future projects of Audi.


Brussels’ secretary of State, Bianca Baets, Brussels’ mobility responsible Els Ampe, Vice Governor Jozef Ostyn and highly ranked representants of parlaiments, authorities, associations and entrepreneurs showed great enthousiasm for Mr. Danau’s speech. Political and economical decisions makers received first-hand information about contemporary trends which will influence tomorrow’s mobility.
A progressive brand such as Audi is likely to experience first-hand the newest community trends. The latest trends showed Audi that by 2030 probably up to 50% of the world population will live in huge cities. As a consequence, mobility needs to be reinvented. Patrick Danau is deeply convinced that Audi will benefit greatly from the exchange with infrastructure developers and architects.
Audi’s priority is the electrification of vehicles. In 2018, Audi Brussels will produce the first full electric SUV in Audi’s history ever. At this very moment, the plant is fully preparing itself for the production of this highly technological product. Huge building constructions and plenty other projects need to be realized by the time the Audi e-tron goes into production. According to Patrick Danau, Audi Brussels knows clearly which direction to head with the Audi e-tron. As of yet, it is up to the political world to provide an adequate electric power load infrastructure in metropoles such as Brussels, in order to enable clients to use the e-tron on a daily basis.
The next big trend will be the digitilisation, the managing of big data, according to Patrick Danau. That will be thé megatrend in the years to come. How can one obtain the right information, filter it adequately and use it to make decisions whilst driving? This will be a decisive challenge. 
Audi focuses on piloted and interconnected driving since it comes not only with the advantage of providing the driver with freedom, it will also extensively improve the security on our roads. 90% of all accidents are due to human mistakes as a result of distraction, overconfidence or recklessness in complex dangerous situations. A third advantage is that it increases efficiency in trafic whilst avoiding traffic jams and surfing on the green wave. It’s not as much about the client’s profit, it’s also very much about the utility for the community. We can all benefit from more secure roads and less energy consumption!