Gateway to the Future

The Audi A1

Compact, sporty and dynamic: this is the Audi A1. It features powerful, highly efficient engines and an agile chassis, fascinating through its emotive design and superior workmanship.

The pronounced, encircling shoulder line, the colour contrasting arched roof line and the unusually steeply sloping C-pillars provide this three door model with an unmistakable silhouette. Sportiness, precision and the freshness of youth – these themes also mark the interior of the Audi A1. In the elegant curves of the instrument panel, the designers took inspiration from aircraft wings; the four round, boldly extended ventilation nozzles are reminiscent of the turbines of a jet plane.

The front drive Audi A1 is the most sporty car in the compact class. It travels nimbly and agilely in town, firmly and accurately on country roads and offers comfort on the motorways. These qualities are to no small measure due to the highly developed chassis, with the broad track width and the well balanced weight distribution. The A1 is a Premium car for the people of today – its offer in terms of Infotainment and ist multi media system is state of the art and sets new bench marks in its class.