Quality made by Audi Brussels

We construct cars for you, sucessfully and with passion

With the Brussels factory Audi has secured important manufacturing capacity for further growth within the heart of Europe. 

With the aim of further developing the Brussels factory to become one of the most productive locations in the Volkswagen Group, the company has optimised the whole of the production process based on the Audi Production System (APS). Plus, the outside suppliers and service providers are closely linked in to production in order to improve the process chains. Short throughput times in manufacture, low stocks in the warehouse and a high percentage of added value are the goals towards which the restructuring process was directed.

The Audi production system which, amongst other things, is characterised by group work and a process of continuous improvement, plays an important role in the efficiency of production, and has already been implemented with success on the sites at Standorten Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm and Győr.

Every hour the Audi Brussels factory creates some 40 Audi A1 cars – an optimum starting point for the dynamic growth of the brand.